Concrete slab Inspections and Honeycombing

At New Home Building Inspections we notice that we are asked a particular question often when we perform a concrete slab inspection for a new home.  When we do a concrete slab inspection one of the things we see frequently is honeycombing. Most people do not know what this is and what impact it can have on a new home if left untreated. undetected

So what is Honeycombing?

The term honeycombing is derived from the appearance of a concrete slab. This is because it resembles the honeycomb nests created by bees.

What causes Honeycombing?

Concrete honeycombing is caused by a lot of different factors. These factors include:

  • a lack of integrity in the perimeter form work
  • improper cement to water ratio
  • poor consolation practices
  • inefficient means of vibration.
  • improper reinforcement bar mesh placing
  • poor concrete filling

Can concrete honeycombing damage my home?

In general terms concrete honeycombing is a cosmetic condition that is usually found in the exterior areas of the concrete pour. However, if the honeycombing is left untreated in areas of possible moisture penetration, serious conditions can occur. These conditions include concrete cancer. Concrete cancer is the rusting of the steel reinforcing in the slab area forcing away the concrete surrounding it.

What do you recommend?

When we inspect the concrete slab and find honeycombing we recommend that the honeycombing be treated immediately. This is so the issues mentioned above do not eventuate.

How is Honeycombing fixed?

Assuming that the area is isolated to the exterior face of your foundation, a repair should be undertaken by your builder before your build progression and it goes left untreated.

new home inspection honeycombing
new home inspection honeycombing at edge

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