Lock Up Inspections

The lock up inspection is ready to be done when external cladding or brickwork for your new home is complete. In addition, the roof covering and flashings have been installed, along with all external doors and windows. The floor should also be laid.

There are many points to check on a lock up inspection. The overall purpose of this stage of inspection is to make sure your home is safe and watertight. That is why we do a thorough inspection of both the inside and outside of your new home.

Usually at this stage of your new home your builder will request a further payment from you, so it’s important to make sure everything is right. That’s why our lock up stage inspection will provide you with peace of mind!

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Our Lock Up Inspection Includes:

There are many things we look for when we do a lock up inspection. As we have been doing new home inspections for many years, throughout Melbourne, we know what to look out for!


  • External wall cladding (including bricks and weatherboards) is fixed
  • All roofing is fixed
  • All external doors and windows are fixed (however these can be temporary at the lock up stage)
  • The eaves line against the brickwork line
  • Brickwork does not overhang the slab
  • Brickwork  is level, plumb, square and straight
  • Mortar is checked for strength
  • The cavities are checked to make sure no build up of excessive mortar.
  • Rendered surfaces do not have scratches
  • Articulation flashings articulation joints, and weepholes correctly installed
  • Gutters correctly aligned and water does not sit in the gutters
  • Glass fitted to windows and doors are not cracked, scratched or chipped
  • Door handles and locks in working order
  • Windows open and close properly
  • Locks on windows in working order
  • Window and door frames free from damage
  • Roofing correctly installed and fixed in position
  • Correct space between windows and brick sills
  • Any external paint finishes is free from runs or blemishes etc
  • No gaps for pests (including birds and possums) to enter the roof spaces
  • Overall make sure the home is safe and watertight

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  • Make sure the placement of plumbing and electrical rough is correct (ie placement of power cables through the wall frame and ceilings).
  • Ceilings are level, plumb, straight and square
  • The insulation wrap around the frame is intact and not torn at any point
  • No damage to the concrete slab
  • Any timber flooring is fixed correctly and does not squeak when walked on
  • Plumbing waste outlets in correct position
  • Shower bases are in the correct position and level

The following are just some of defects we find when we do a lock up inspection:

new home inspections lock up inspections melbourne bowed walls not nailed

Bowed walls ply not nailed

Defective Brickwork

Fascia damaged

new home lock up inspection bowed

Bowed walls

new home inspections lock up stage down pipe not straight

Defective down pipe bowed

new home inspections bowed floor lock up

Concrete slab not level

With our detailed lock up inspection report you will be able to negotiate with your builder in a strong position. This will make sure that you end up with your new home being the standard you have paid for. Remember – it is much easier to get defects and faults fixed before you make payment.

Our fees start at $449 (inc GST) and our reports are available within 24 hours.

The other types of new home inspections we do include:

No matter what stage of build you are at for your new home, we can provide an inspection. This way you will ensure everything is being built to Australian standards. You will know what you’re buying and have peace of mind.

Why Trust New Home Building Inspections

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