New Home Inspections

The best way to protect your investment in your new home is to have a new home inspection carried out. This will ensure that all work has been completed to an acceptable standard before you move in.

As an independent home building inspection company, with over 30 years experience in the construction industry we have eye for detail needed to inspect new homes – and uncover any issues – both big and small.

We are a proud member of The Master Inspector Association of Australia. This means you are assured that we abide by their strict code of Ethics.

We are also a Registered Building Practitioner. In fact, we are classified as ‘Domestic Builder Unlimited‘. This means we can carry out and manage all the components of domestic building work relating to the construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance of a home.

No matter what stage of build you are at for your new home, we can provide an inspection. This way you will ensure everything is being built to Australian standards. You will know what you’re buying and have peace of mind.

Usually an inspection is carried out when your builder is finished a major stage in building your new home.  A house frame inspection is done when the wall and roof frames have been completed.  The pre paint inspection is performed after your home has been plastered and the internal fix has been completed.

The lock up inspection is completed when your new home has it’s external cladding or brickwork  complete. In addition, the roof covering and flashings have been installed, along with all external doors and windows. The floor should also be laid. Finally, the pre-handover inspection is done when your house is ready to move in and a final check is made to ensure everything is up to Australian standards before you make final payment to your builder.

We always use a detailed checklist. This ensures that ALL defects are identified, as well as any non compliant issues at every stage of your new home build. This way you will know what you’re buying. What is included in the checklist varies depending on the type of home inspection being undertaken.

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The New Home Inspection Process:

  • Phone us on 1800 466 424, to book an appointment for us to do an inspection on your new home
  • We can liaise with your builder directly in relation to the timing of the inspection
  • The new home inspection is undertaken and we prepare a detailed report that is easy to ready with photos of any issues
  • We provide you with the report within 24 hours and follow up verbally to discuss and clarify any issues

Our New Home Inspection Checklist Includes:


  • Flooring – including floorboards, tiling and skirting boards
  • Plasterwork, paintwork and sealants
  • Ceilings – including cornice lines
  • All fixtures and fittings, including staircases
  • Bathrooms – including showers, bathtubs, vanities,toilets etc
  • Kitchens -including benches, splashbacks, shelving, pantry etc
  • Laundry – including troughs and benches
  • Internal doors -including handles, locks and whether hung straight
new home interior
new home building


  • Roof frame – including insulation
  • Brickwork and cladding
  • Steps, staircases and balconies
  • External doors – including handles, locks and whether hung straight
  • Paintwork and sealant
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Any outbuildings

With our detailed new home inspection report you will be able to negotiate with your builder in a strong position. This will make sure that you end up with a home to the standard you have paid for. Always remember that is much easier to get defects and faults fixed before you pay your builder and move in.

So not matter what stage of building your new home is at, we will provide an inspection that will give peach of mind – including  – House Frame InspectionsPre Paint Inspections and Pre-Handover Inspections

Our fees start at $449 (inc GST) and our reports are available within 24 hours.

Phone 1800 466 424, send us a message via our contact page or send an email

Why you Need a New Home Inspection

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments you are likely to ever make. It should also be an exciting time as you plan your new life. However, a lot of things can happen between the initial design of your new home and the final handover. For example, issues with the quality of the workmanship may not be identified early. This means you could make final payment to your builder and move into your home before identifying issues with the quality of workmanship. When this happens it can quickly become a stressful situation, both financially and emotionally, to get the problems fixed.

That’s why you need a fully qualified, experienced and independent building inspector at your side during each stage of your new home build.  In addition, to performing a thorough pre handover inspection on your new home, we can do an inspection at each stage of the new home build. This includes a slab inspectionhouse frame inspection, lock up inspection, and pre paint inspection. Each of these stages is significant and usually requires a payment to your builder. This means it is best to get any problems identified early before further payments are made to your builder.

The following are just some of defects we find when we do a new home inspection:

Even though a building inspection will be undertaken by a Building Surveyor, their focus is usually on whether your new home complies with relevant building standards and regulations. As such, the actual quality of workmanship and materials is not usually their priority when doing their building inspection. Therefore it is best to engage a fully qualified and independent Building Inspector who will take their time to ensure that the workmanship on your new home is up to standard. They will also make sure the home built complies with the original plans and that everything has been completed.

Unfortunately, we often find lots of defects when we do a new home inspection. These defects range from non-compliant brickwork, cracking in driveways, damaged carpentry, painting not up to standard. We sometimes even find the incorrect placement of fixtures and fittings.

Our fees start at $449 (inc GST) and our reports are available within 24 hours. It is a small price to pay to make sure you know what you’re buying!

Why Trust New Home Building Inspections

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