The Importance of Timber Frame Inspections

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has a Proactive Inspections Program. It’s aim is to uncover non compliant building and plumbing work during the construction phase.  All non compliant work found during an inspection is required to be rectified.  A lot of issues are undercovered by these inspections but the most common one is in relation to timber framing.

How Many Inspections are Undertaken by the VBA?

The VBA aims to complete around 1,000 inspections each month. This is spread across commercial and domestic building sites. Each inspection undertaken usually focuses on either building or plumbing issues. This means that the vast majority of buildings are NOT inspected by the VBA.

Is Timber Framing the Most Common Issue Uncovered by the VBA?

Yes, the most common issue found is in relation to timber framing for Class 1 Domestic Buildings. These types of buildings are residential buildings – including single standalone homes, terraces and townhouses. In fact, 47% of non compliant issues related to timber framing. The second most common non compliant issue was in relation to the waterproofing of brickwork.

What Type of Timber Frame Issues Were Noted by the VBA?

The following are some of the most common issues listed by the VBA:

  • Non-compliant penetrations due to services (mostly plumbing).
  • Insufficient fixing. For example, nails used instead of hold bolts or failure to use two nails per stud in various items.
  • Bottom plate overhang >10mm.
  • Lintels missing from windows and door openings.
  • Half trusses not braced at ends as per AS4440 – Installation of nail-plated timber roof trusses

These issues were rated by the VBA to be either medium or high risk.

How Can New Home Building Inspections Help?

At New Home Building Inspections we specialise in timber frame inspections. There are many things we look for when we do a house frame inspection. In additon, we keep up to date with Proactive Inspections Program report issued on a quarterly basis by the VBA so we know what issues are being found by them.

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New Home Building Inspections are an independent inspection company specialising in inspections for new and existing homes. For new homes we specialise in all stages of construction. This includes pre handover inspections, house frame inspections, lock up inspections, pre paint inspections and slab inspections.  For existing home we do pre purchase inspections, pest inspections and combined building and pest inspections. We also do vendor reports and maintenance reports