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With almost 3 decades of experience New Home Building Inspections are an independent home building inspection company.  We specialise in inspections for new and existing homes in Ventnor, on Phillip Island.

We have extensive knowledge of all the current Building Standards, Acts and Regulations. In addition, we are a proud member of The Master Inspector Association of Australia. This means you are assured that we abide by their strict code of Ethics.

We are also a Registered Building Practitioner. In fact, we are classified as ‘Domestic Builder Unlimited‘. This means we can carry out and manage all the components of domestic building work relating to the construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance of a home.

We carry out a lot of new home building inspections on Phillip Island, especially in Ventnor. We also do a lot of pre purchase inspections, as well as swimming pool inspections.

The reason for this is that our clients know it is the best way for them to protect their investment in their new Ventnor home.

A new home building inspection is the only way to be confident that all the work in your new home has been completed to an acceptable standard before you move in. Unfortunately, you can’t assume that just because your home is new that it does not have any faults.  In addition, the inspection needs to be done before you make final payment to your builder. This is because it is usually much harder to get faults fixed once payment is made.

No matter what stage of inspection we are doing, we identify any defects in your new home, as well as any non-compliant issues. We use a detailed checklist to make sure nothing is missed when we are doing a building inspection of your new Ventnor home.

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We specialise in providing home inspections for all major stages of your new home in Ventnor including:

The Phillip Island Areas We Service Include:

Our New Home Inspection Checklist Includes:


  • Flooring – including floorboards, tiling and skirting boards.
  • Plasterwork, paintwork and sealants.
  • Ceilings – including cornice lines.
  • All fixtures and fittings, including staircases.
  • Bathrooms – including showers, bathtubs, vanities, toilets etc.
  • Kitchens -including benches, splashbacks, shelving, pantry etc.
  • Laundry – including troughs and benches.
  • Internal doors -including handles, locks and whether hung straight.
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external new home inspections bunyip north


  • Roof frame – including insulation.
  • Brickwork and cladding.
  • Steps, staircases and balconies.
  • External doors – including handles, locks and whether hung straight.
  • Paintwork and sealant.
  • Driveways.
  • Fences.
  • Any outbuildings.

With our detailed new home building report, you are able to negotiate with your builder in a strong position. This will make sure that you end up with a home to the standard you have paid for.  It is important to remember that it is always much easier to get defects and faults fixed before you move in.

Our fees start at $300 (inc. GST) and our reports are available within 24 hours.

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Slab Inspections Ventnor

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We find that slab inspections are one of the most popular stage inspections we perform for new homes in Ventnor. This is no surprise as you need to get the foundations of your new home right!  If there are issues with your concrete slab it can lead to structural issues. These issues include cracked walls, ceilings, floors and tiles. It may also mean that you can’t even open your windows.

We do our concrete slab inspections in two parts. The first part is done BEFORE the concrete is poured, so if there are any issues at the preparation stage, including steel reinforcement and boxing it is picked up before the concrete is poured. The second part of our inspection is done AFTER the concrete is poured and we make sure the floor is straight and level along with other factors. In addition, we always confirm that the concrete slab meets the standards of the Building Code of Australia and Standard and Tolerances Version 2015.

Swimming Pool Inspections Ventnor

If you are building a new swimming pool or spa for your new home in Ventnor you need to register it with your Local Council within 30 days of receiving your Occupancy Certificate or Certificate of Final Inspection. All swimming pools and spas that can hold more than 30cm of water are subject to this requirement. There are only a few exceptions to the rules. These include bird baths, fishponds and spas in private bathrooms.

In addition, the first certificate of barrier compliance must be lodged at the same time as the application for registration.

Subsequent certificates of compliance are due every four years.

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Domestic Building Disputes Ventnor

dispute resolution new builds bunyip north

When things go wrong with your Ventnor new home build, it can be hard to find out where to go to get help in getting things fixed. For example, your new home may have defects your builder is refusing to fix. Alternatively, there may be ongoing delays in getting your home finished. It is always best to try and resolve any disputes with your builder directly. But what happens if this doesn’t work? Fortunately, Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) is an avenue that is free, fair and fast.

At New Home Building Inspections, we can assist you in determining whether you are eligible to apply to the DBDRV. In addition, we can help you through the process. This includes providing a comprehensive Building Defects Inspection Report for your Ventnor home.

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Why Trust New Home Building Inspections

At New Home Building Inspections, we have nearly 30 years experience in the building industry. We are a division of Building Solutions Australia, which was established in 1993.  Your dreams are our priority. We have the knowledge and experience to identify issues. These issues could save you from costly repairs if the undetected. Your home is the biggest investment you can make.


“We cannot recommend NHBI highly enough. What you want and need in quality versus quantity in your independent reports. Through friends, family and research, we found you may be paying for the name more than the quality of the service with other inspectors. With other inspectors we found they were often fluffing it up, without providing the substance to the report that NHBI would provide. Paul properly referenced with building codes any sub-standard work and stated what builders needed to do to actually fix them.

We absolutely loved Paul’s professionalism, approachability, and responsiveness. He fully explained how he does his inspections and reports, and was more than accommodating with our often last minute inspection requests. If we ever take the plunge and build again, we will absolutely use NHBI”

Meagan C

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